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Tokenist Collaborates with Nadex as An Expansion of its IG Partnership

After the partnership with IG Group’s US division, The Tokenist has recently formed a partnership with IG UK-owned Nadex, an abbreviation of North American Derivatives Exchange and formerly known as Hedge Street.

While IG Group is part of the world’s top forex ecosystem, Nadex focused on high-frequency options trading in forex pairs, stock indices, and commodities. Moreover, Nadex is one of the rare breed of exchanges in the US that offer more exotic binary options trading.

Nadex’s exclusive regulatory status makes it an important partner to the Tokenist. Its millennial-oriented knowledge portal works as a guide that clarify the tools, investment strategies, and ways to make wiser financial decisions. At the same time, the Tokenist strives to properly inspect and understand all risks.

“The impressive regulatory approval and unique investment offering make Nadex incomparable—especially for US-based investors. We look forward to working with Nadex to provide well-rounded, insightful, and exclusive material to our readership,” said Tim Fries, Co-founder of the Tokenist.

The Tokenist, which received a perfect NewsGuard rating, aims to maintain its level of trustworthiness during this time of volatile economic currents and high distrust of the media. The education and news portal is looking to supply its evergrowing readership with practical tools, and contextualizing market trends and state-of-the-art technologies.

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