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Think Bling: More Jewellers Are Going Digital With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)



Jewellery designer Simone Faurschou unveiled her jewellery collection to be launched end of this year, is a digital collection of NFT pieces. The collection, Blockchain, composed of solid white and yellow gold blocks with man made diamonds, explores the ways people connect with technology and how technology connects with us. The past year has shown technology both, connecting and isolating us. 

‘It is a play on the fact that NFTs and the blockchain (in the context of crypto) inherently are linked to currencies and gold, whilst also literally representing the technology behind it all via a physical chain of gold blocks,’ explained Faurschou. The first block from her collection named, Block1, has now been released as an NFT. “Block1 is a limited edition of 1, which means that there will never be another NFT like it,” she added. 

Currently, Block1 is on auction at the marketplace Rarible. So far, only the first of 12 completely unique blocks of gold have been released. The winner of the auction on Rarible will get the opportunity to have the actual block handcrafted by Faurschou from solid 18K Fairmined gold, set with man made diamonds. Digital jewellry which can’t be worn may seem like an ill-matched creation from a jeweller, but Faurschou pointed out its status as a work of art is still valid, as it has the ability to last. 

Meanwhile, the one-of-kind jeweller is excited about the story a digital piece of jewellry can instill and the role the world can play in writing it. Each NFT can be resold again like an actual gold piece, and even be passed down through generations as a heirloom. Faurschou believes the digital and physical world can coexist harmoniously. In fact early this month, Mike Novogratz told reporters he believes soon enough, NFTs could be worn like jewellery thanks to augmented and virtual reality.

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