Website Submission

Website Submission

A simple post can get you many referrals!It is a common fact that those who earn most through internet marketing have the most referrals. But it isn’t enough to just post your referral link on social media to get referrals. No. You need to really engage with your referrals and explain to them the whole process. Cryptoways has made this process a lot easier for you. We are offering you the chance to compile all the information related to a referral program you would like to get people to join in one single page containing everything. You will also get a special like like that you can share with people on social media to make it easier for them to find out all the info.  All you have to do is fill in the form below.

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We will post your article for free for the first 2 weeks. After that, you can keep it online by filling the form here.

Special Conditions:

1- First person to send us about a referral program will get his information posted. All subsequent messages about the same program will be kept in our database until the two weeks free period is over or until the subscriber decides to opt out (in case it is a paid submission).

2- The e-mail you provide will be added to the post in case people would like more information about the program.

3- Cryptoways is in no way affiliated with any of the programs advertised on its pages.

To extend submission, you can purchase the extension from here (in waves) or here (in CWV).