Registered? Start Here

Registered? Start Here

After registering on Cryptoways, there are many things you can do. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

Step 1: Introduce yourself on Cryptofamily International, the main discussion group, here. This will allow other members to find you and add you as a friend. (you earn CP whenever you comment or reply (limited amount daily))

Step 2: Browse through existing groups and join some of those you find interesting. Also, feel free to leave a comment or reply. (You earn CP for interacting in them (limited amount daily))

Step 3: Earn from some cashlinks daily!

Step 4: Use your referral link to invite your friends and earn. Your referral link is http://cryptoways.com0  (you earn 15 CP whenever a friend joins using your link. You also earn a small amount if someone just visits using your link)

Step 5: Join our Telegram group (earning details inside)

Step 6: If you like writing about cryptocurrency, submit an article. (earning details inside)

Step 7: If you are a member of other referral programs, you can submit them.

Step 8: Browse our shop and maybe purchase something or become a VIP. Also, if you need to exchange a currency you have to WAVES, use our Shapeshift.

Step 8: Check out and stay updated with our latest news.

Step 9: Check the following posts to find out more details: My Cryptoways, Cryptoways for DummiesFAQ and Tutorial Videos

Step 10: Make sure to log in daily to keep earning.

Step 11: Add to your whitelist to receive news of all updates and special offers.

Step 12: When you have 1000.000 CP, you will receive 1,000 Cryptowave (CWV) to your WAVES wallet in 24-48 hours.

Extra: You can earn Bitcoin through our Cryptorotator and WAVES and Waves Assets (including Cryptowave) through our WAVES Rotator.