Country Representatives Program

Country Representatives Program

Why should you become a Country Representative?

You will become the official go-to person in your country. When new members need someone to explain how Cryptoways works in a different language, you will be called upon. Moreover,your profile and link are going to be displayed on our website, so new members from your country who decide to join can more easily find and contact you in order to join in your downline. As a country representative, you also get your photo, a short bio of yourself and your referral link displayed on our main page. In addition to that, you get a daily bonus of 10 CP as long as you are involved, and you also get to be part of the decision making process in our special group.


Duties of Country Representatives:

1- To be active at least once a day on
2- To share and talk about Cryptoways on social media and forums at least once a week
3- To refer at least one new member every week (bonus will be awarded each 20 members) or to get at least 100 visitors per week.
4- To add Cryptoways as one of your workplaces on your social media profiles
5- To actively advertise Cryptoways, to sell Cryptowave and to be the go-to person in your country when it comes to buying and selling Cryptowave. You are allowed to sell from your own CWV for 0.004 (or any price you like), and you can repurchase from the Cryptoways website at 0.0035 (with a -20% if you are a VIP).
6- To actively find potential partnerships for Cryptoways online or in your own country. For example, you can get a store near you to accept CWV as payment. You are even at liberty to broker a deal of repurchasing CWV from that person yourself. However, Cryptoways will not interfere in this except to aid in advertising this store among our partners, to post about it in our articles and our social media and to advise you if you need it. However, you will be the main officer with this business and can even arrange a beneficial deal for yourself. An example scenario follows:
a- Shop accepts CWV as payment for their wares or services
b- You agree with them on an exchange rate (however, make sure that you always refer back to Cryptoways for the latest exchange rates)
c- They can either keep their CWV and trade it on dex (which would be ideal), or you can agree to purchase it back from them at a lower rate
d- You can resell CWV locally so that the cycle is complete
e- You get a bonus for each closed deal
7- Reps may recruit other reps locally to help in spreading the mission of Cryptoways and to cover larger areas. However, Cryptoways does not interfere nor moderate any agreements between Country reps and their recruits.

Leveling up:

All reps start at level zero. To level up, please find the requirements below:
Level 1 (50 CP reward):
– 1 referral
– 100 visits
– 1 social media post
Level 2 (150 CP reward):
– 3 referrals
– 500 visits
– 3 social media posts
– 1 purchase
Level 3 (300 CP reward):
– 7 referrals
– 1,000 visits
– 7 social media posts
– 2 purchases
Level 4 (700 CP reward):
– 10 referrals
– 2,000 visits
– 10 social media posts
– 4 purchases
– 1 sponsored sale
Level 5 (1,000 CP reward):
– 15 referrals
– 4,000 visits
– 15 social media posts
– 7 purchases
– 2 sponsored sales
Level 6 (1,500 CP reward):
– 20 referrals
– 7,000 visits
– 20 social media posts
– 10 purchases
– 5 sponsored sales
Level 7 (2,000 CP reward):
– 30 referrals
– 10,000 visits
– 30 social media posts
– 15 purchases
– 7 sponsored sales

How to apply?

Simply fill in the form below, and we will contact you shortly by e-mail.