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Polka City Launches The Polka Bank On The NFT Platform

Innovative virtual currency investment platform, Polka City, announces the launch of the Polka Bank, an initiative to help members of the community earn passive income

Polka City, a fully autonomous contract-based NFT platform, has again reiterated their commitment to helping as many people as possible across the globe enjoy the amazing features of digital currency and blockchain technology with the launch of the Polka Bank. The recently launched bank on the NFT platform is designed to provide passive income to members of the community through revenue sharing.

The world of digital currency and the blockchain technology space have undoubtedly disrupted the financial system. NFT is an offshoot of the digital currency space and has been described by many as the next big thing from the cryptocurrency world. Several industries across the globe have already started to explore the inherent opportunities that NFT provides. However, the team at Polka City is looking to make the huge potentials of NFT easily accessible to millions of people in different parts of the world without requiring them to break the bank, a claim recently substantiated with the launch of the Polka Bank.

Polka City is offering an all-inclusive ecosystem that allows people from all walks of life to build their businesses and earn leveraging the powers of blockchain technology. Polka Bank will offer 100 units for sale at 5000 POLC. Holders of the token are expected to earn 25% of all collected Polka City Multichain Bridge and 25% of all POLC loan fees, giving them an unequaled opportunity to earning passive income. There is also the Polka Chopper, where holders earn as many as 20 POLC weekly, with 100 units available for sale at 1800 POLC. **Assets increase every two weeks.

Polka City continues to develop several ways of earning passive income, staying true to the goal of helping people build businesses without the costly overheads and other associated challenges. The ecosystem offers members of the community an opportunity to earn passive income based on the asset type while connecting polka citizens in a meaningful way by interacting with the virtual world.

The goal is to offer an unprecedented blend of the virtual world and reality, building art galleries, discos, restaurants, hotels, and billboards, with a plethora of exclusive events available to citizens of the city.

For more information about Polka City and the array of passive income opportunities offered, visit – Polka City can also be found across social media, including Telegram and Twitter.


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