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NFT Project StarColl Is Bringing a Star Wars Collection to the QAN Blockchain

Key highlights:

  • StarColl is taking a private collection of over 800 Star Wars collectibles and releasing them as NFTs
  • The NFTs will be issued on the quantum-resistant QANplatform blockchain

Over 800 Star Wars collectibles are coming to the blockchain as NFTs

May 4 is a special day for Star Wars fans, as it’s informally known as Star Wars Day. Collectibles are a big part of Star Wars fandom, and a project called StarColl is taking a massive private collection of over 800 Star Wars collectibles and representing each piece with an NFT on the QANplatform blockchain. The project has now opened early registrations for users who are interested in owning NFTs connected to the collectibles.

While it’s perhaps more common and intuitive to use NFTs to represent digital objects like pieces of digital art or music, real-world items can of course be represented by NFTs as well. According to Star Coll, NFT owners will have the option to have their name and NFT data appear alongside the collectible when it’s being exhibited. NFT owners will also be able to attend the traveling exhibition for free. 

Example of a StarColl NFT. Image source:

Like many other blockchain-powered innovations, NFTs got their start on Ethereum, but they’re now also spreading to other blockchain platforms that can offer some unique benefits.

StarColl will be using QANplatform, a blockchain that supports smart contracts and promises long-term security thanks to its quantum-resistant properties. Even though quantum computing doesn’t represent a threat to blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum today, it could very well jeopardize blockchains in the future.

QANplatform also features a hybrid model, where users can deploy private chains and have the option of choosing what information to share with the public blockchain.

Johann Polecsak, the CTO of QANplatform, commented on how StarColl will benefit from using the platform:

“NFT security is a neglected topic today. Nobody speaks about cybersecurity issues and pain points behind the NFT ecosystem. Source files of NFTs sold for thousands of dollars can be easily changed to memes by hackers. StarColl NFTs will be secured by the Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain, where metadata and ownership information is stored.”

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