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Muhammad Ali legendary boxer floats own NFT

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  • Legendary boxer launch own NFT
  • Why Muhammad Ali NFT?

Legendary American boxer Muhammad Ali has joined the unending list of celebrities to float their own Non-Fungible Token.

In a tweet on Saturday night, Muhammad Ali announced that his four exclusive NFT dropped on Ethernity chain and are all live on his website.

The boxer is being memorialized in the NFT form 50 years on from “The Fight of the Century,” in which the boxing icon faced Joe Frazier in New York City.

Ali lost the fight to “Smokin’ Joe” on March 8, 1971, but went on to win two subsequent bouts in 1974 and 1975.

The NFT is coming thanks to a partnership between Ethernity Chain and the Muhammad Ali Center, the museum dedicated to Ali’s life and career located in his hometown of Louisville, Ky.

The token auction began on Saturday, May 1, exclusively at (powered by Ethernity), and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Muhammad Ali Center.

Why Muhammad Ali NFT?

Ethernity Chain founder and CEO, Nick Rose, said in his reaction to the NFT that the boxer had a lifelong mission to help those in need, and Ethernity chain’s mission is to focus on charitable causes with project of similar objective as the partnership with Ali is a natural fit.

Raf Grassetti, an artist, said that Ali inspired his personal and professional life as he did to many hence an honor for him to craft and work with new technologies to celebrate the life of the legendary boxer.

The token is dubbed the “first historically significant NFT” by Ethernity.

The burgeoning NFT trend has continued to blossom. NFTs are digital assets representing a wide range of unique tangible and intangible items, from sports cards to virtual real estate.

The NFT space received a boost recently as Binance, the largest crypto exchange firm, announced that it would open its NFT market later in the year for its over 50 million users who can also begin trading NFTs as they do with their crypto coins.

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