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Interactive Brokers to Allow Cryptocurrency Trading By End of Summer 2021

One of the world’s leading brokerage companies, Interactive Brokers, will be offering cryptocurrency trading services to its clients by the end of summer 2021.

  • According to a recent report by CNBC, Interactive Brokers will start allowing its customers to trade cryptocurrencies by the end of summer 2021.
  • Speaking on the matter was the Chairman and the CEO of the company, Thomas Peterffy, who said:

Customers certainly are asking for cryptocurrency trading and we expect to be ready to offer it to them by the end of the summer.

  • Interactive Brokers is an American multinational brokerage company that operates one of the largest electronic trading platforms in the US by means of daily average revenue trades.
  • It’s worth noting that the move will further lower the barrier to entry in the cryptocurrency market, especially when it comes to retail investors seeking exposure to it.
  • Addressing some of the challenges that might come to life for Interactive Brokers, Peterffy said:

As for hurdles, the greatest hurdle is how do you keep your customers 100% safe. […] How do you make it 100% sure that no one will steal their coins in spite of the fact that they are untraceable. We will find more about this when we open for business at the end of the summer.”

  • Per the CNBC report, the company had 1.33 million registered customer accounts and over $330 billion in customer equity in the first quarter of this year.

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