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Huobi Launches Cyber Security Research Division

Huobi Group has announced the launch of Z-Labs, a research division that specializes in cyber-security defensive firewall, on-chain intelligence analysis, and risk control.

Z-Labs is made up of experts in the fields of security, risk control, and compliance. The division aims to identify and prevent crypto-related crimes including money laundering and fraud that occur on the blockchain.

As of now, the system has amassed more than 1 billion information data on security intelligence, on-chain and event analysis.

There are over 150 million identifiable addresses, allowing users to quickly track and position assets on the blockchain. So far, Z-Labs have tracked and identified over 200,000 addresses for malicious behavior like anti-money laundering, fraud, coin shuffling, dark web, and more.

Z-Labs is established to ensure the orderliness of blockchain operations and to protect the users’ well-being. The combination of Star Atlas’ highly advanced tracking system and Huobi’s long standing experience in the blockchain security field offers Z-Labs the ability to continuously provide users with more professional technologies, products and services.

Huobi has been researching and conducting on-chain tracking analysis since 2018. In the following year, Huobi launched the Star Atlas on-chain tracking system.

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