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Deus and Muon — What’s the connection?

Muon can be thought of as the supercomputer that makes DEUS Finance possible. We feel that it’s important to explain the connection between the two projects and answer some of the common questions we’ve seen popping up.

What is the relationship between Deus and Muon?

Deus oracles and bridges are built on top of Muon technology

For DEUS Finance to deliver its decentralized trading vision to its users, a fast, reliable, and robust oracle solution was needed. The solution that DEUS is using was previously unavailable in the industry, leading to the team developing their own oracle, called μPythia.

During this oracle development, DEUS, in collaboration with the Muon team, developed a base-layer node network on top of which the oracle was built. This network is called Muon. To reiterate, Muon is NOT an oracle, it is the layer-zero network on top of which the μPythia oracle was built.

Who is the team behind Muon?

Muon was founded by duo Reza Bakhshandeh and Lafayette Tabor.

Reza is well known and respected for his extensive work in AI research, also releasing a patent on object recognition in 2016. Around 2014, Reza got involved in the field of cryptocurrency and currently leads a team of around 12 engineers, developing Muon.

Lafayette Tabor is the co-founder of Muon. Lafayette is the chief engineer and developer at DEUS Finance. Together with Mahdi Heydari and Hosein Hedayatzadeh, lead developers at DEUS, they head up a team of roughly 30 engineers.

Will Muon have a token?

The Muon token will be the first introduction and implementation of the μRC20 token standard. This token can exist across multiple chains simultaneously, save multichain balance and transaction information, and pay Muon nodes for verifying data.

Follow the Muon Twitter to stay up to date with the release.

How do I gain access to the Muon token presale?

Committed DEUS users who staked their tokens in the DEUS system during a period of no rewards will be given the choice to receive Muon tokens in an airdrop or be given an allocation in the pre-sale. It is worth noting that users who choose access to the private sale can secure more Muon tokens than if they select to receive the airdrop.

The airdrop is expected to take place after the presale rounds are complete, towards the end of Q2, 2021. The amount of Muon tokens one can expect to receive is related to the size of your stake, as well as the time period your sealed tokens were locked in the DEUS system. 

Those who didn’t stake can still gain access to the Muon presale by filling out the whitelisting form. Tell us how you will add value to the Muon network and you have a chance of being whitelisted.

Find out more about Muon, μPythia, and the Muon token here.

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