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Miss coin

GOOD morning !

greed & desire
*(i guess as i understood)
GREED is a human beings bad habit,but its not a big problem since god made with us.
Its about knowing when to wake up from it and to be thankful for what we have .
* Is a feeling that push us to do something.
Even if its deep or excessive, it depends on the issue,and yes excessive desire leads to greed.( we are mature enough to control all these emotions or habits)

*ABOUT HUBRIS = i do not talk about it a lot since i focus on postivie things more. ( what we call comes to us)
You remember when you was talking about toxic people?These bad habits are born with all of us,but by helping ourselves, help from our family, we develop our selves for better and healthier people (personalities).
*Pride (DIGNITY)–> we call it also value of the person also is something which depends on our ego and the issue that is happening or the way you got treated by.