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Argha Saha

Hello Miss,

Welcome to the Crypto Social chat forum. If you want get more CWV, Vinaya tokens and waves, you may buy more by investing in BTC. If you don’t want to buy and want them for free, you must have to go through faucet claim for CWV and waves. You may hold CWV in your waves wallet to get pos4all payment. If you want mine CWV then you should download the CWV wallet from here: and tell ADMIN to move some of your CWV coins to that wallet. In this way you would be mining more CWV automatically. In case of waves you need waves or BTC to get more Waves. For Vinaya token the only way for now is to buy from dex.

Ask me step by step all of your questions, I will try to answer you accordingly as per my acknowledgment.