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Euler.Tools Launched MVP Version of Tool

Euler.Tools aims to reshape the way people understand and interact with blockchains. As a fairly new concept blockchains can be confusing. The confusion is often compounded by the different applications that are often diverse. However, as the sphere evolves so has the need for greater cross-chain interoperability. This is where Euler Tools come in.

Euler.Tools launched their MVP version of the tool on May 05, 2021, at 5 PM UTC. Users who registered will gain full access to all premium features for free till May 12, 2021. Registration will start from May 05, 2021.

Euler is a platform with a usual user interface that explores and discovers blockchain content. The platform allows users access to aggregated data reports that give an easy-to-digest overview of blockchain use and prices.

Notably, DeFi, blockchain, trading, and real-world information rarely converge. For this reason, Euler leverages its unique set of tools to integrate diverse streams of data into one. Thus, the platform creates a resource that helps traders to attain optimal market positioning.

Also, the platform focuses on enhancing cross-chain interactions and achieving optimal information flow. In fact, Euler is built around being a MetaOracle that enables the safe transfer of data across blockchains. Euler efficiently moves data while keeping its integrity as well as forecasting its likely effect.

A Quick Background of Eulers.Tools

The person behind Euler.Tools is Jorge de los Santos. He decided to further explore crypto after a year of trading that ended with a total liquidation. Santos’s desire to know where his money ended up fueled him to learn about crypto and blockchain technology.

Santos’s journey led to the creation of Euler.Tools as he wanted to share his acquired knowledge with others. As such, Euler.Tools equips users with the resources to not only understand this lucrative industry but to also share the knowledge.

The concept builds from a 1700s theory by mathematician Leonard Euler. The mathematician found the most efficient way to travel a city that has 7 bridges. Similarly, Euler.Tools aims to create cross-chain bridges that will redefine blockchain architecture and interoperability.

How Euler.Tools Differ From Others?

As an oracle, Euler does not serve as just a blockchain observer. While all other tools check a single contract for an operation or need to add data manually by adding new projects through extensive exploration.

On the other hand, Euler automates the process. The platform visualizes the blockchain as a set of events and processes by using similar methods and techniques utilized by top global data processing firms.

Also, while others focus on the value stored in a DeFi contract, for example, Euler compares the contract’s impact on the blockchain’s liquidity, availability, profitability, gas costs, and any other possible effects.

Euler.Tools Brings MetaOracle Solution for the Hurdles

Oracles like Chainlink on-chain and off-chain work well together. However, traditional oracles are limited to price reports as this is the most popular smart contract feature. Notably, the Chainlink price feed is similar to other exchange price feeds. However, the platform only calculates the weighted average and uses that as the asset price. However, using a weighted average exposes the price to distortion.

Cross-checking these prices with other oracles and developing a consensus is the only security measure. However, this will result in a costly problem as acquiring each value will lead to a high cost.

Using weighted and averaged prices do not reflect the asset price. This is because, in essence, it is merely the price based on that particular exchange. Calculating the exchange and blockchain prices may create a bias in the result, and it is used as a further calculation factor. To eliminate this bias, Euler introduced the concept of the MetaOracle. Through this concept, the firm not only checks the price but also checks if it was used and accurate.

Moreover, the platform is working on its own oracles in Binance Smart Chain (BSC), while using the available one in Ethereum. As soon as the APIs are set up, Euler will be able to get information from them, including the price feeds for on-chain and off-chain trades. Notably, the price of accessing the oracle will be 0, excluding gas costs, as long as the user has a valid Euler Subscription.

Create Your Own Alpha Combining Chain Analytics

Euler created its tools with the goal of helping active crypto traders while driving wider blockchain adoption. In the crypto space, the whales can easily skew the pricing model as seen on Ethereum. For this reason, Euler has created three subscription models to cater to a wider user base.

The first one is geared towards ‘holders’. These users can easily connect a wallet with a specific amount of EULER in it, thus unlocking access to Euler’s basic, free model.

The second tier requires users to pay using tokens, but also supports extra features. However, the fee structure is not fixed.

The last tier is the golden pay per usage model which is ideal for big companies that use a huge amount of data. This tier is pay per usage and provides full API keys to interact with their tools.

The platform’s tiering system adds amazing features, from the management of portfolios to Telegram bots that send rug pulls alerts. The firm has not closed the final list of features.

Eulers.Tools Token

Euler has developed a token, EULER, that works initially as an investment. This can later be redeemed in the form of subscriptions. Also, redeemed tokens will be burnt to limit the token supply. Token burning helps control supply and consequently keeps the token value deflationary.

Also, the platform supports liquidity mining aimed towards incentivizing token holders prior to the product and subscription launch.


Furthermore, the MVP version will increase the price of EULER. This is due to a significant part of the tokens in circulation being used for service payment.

Finally, while the platform’s subscription tiers offer multiple tools to the people who are willing to pay for them, there is a free option that users can also avail themselves of. Also, the different tier levels allow the platform to cater to a diverse user group.

In addition, the unique Euler tokenomics allows holders to benefit from many built-in benefits. EULER tokens can be utilized in any of the firm’s applications or for subscriptions to the platform’s services. Some services include a DEX Block Explorer, Big data query, Portfolio Protection, and a trading interface.

Therefore, despite being a work in progress Euler is likely to enhance cross-chain interoperability thanks to its MetaOracle function while creating a user-friendly crypto onramp.

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