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Earn CryptoPoints

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Earning with Cryptoways is very simple. By performing regular fun activities on our website, you earn CryptoPoints (CP). At the end of every month, the value of CP is calculated based on the current income of the website. If you have more than 1,000 CP, you will get an automatic cashout in Cryptowave – the waves-based Cryptoways tokens. If you don’t have enough, you can keep your CP with you till the following month.

How to earn CP

You earn CP for each of the following activities:

Registration: 20 CP (one user per IP)

Daily Login bonus: 2 CP

Viewing content (posts, pages, etc…): 1 CP per view (max 5 per day)

Commenting on posts: 1 CP per comment (max 10 comments on each post. – 5 CP penalty for spam and -1 CP per deleted comment)

Referring visitors: 1 Cryptoshi (0.01 CP) per visitor if he/she doesn’t register (unlimited)

Profile activity: 1 CP per day (-1 CP for deleting activities)

Changing avatar and cover: 1 CP per day each

Making friends: 1 CP per friend (max 5 per day) and -1 CP for ending friendships

Sending private messages: -1 CP per message

Creating groups: 5 CP per group (once the group reaches 15 members, -10 CP for deleting groups)

Referring members: 15 CP per new member upon e-mail verification

Making Purchases: Depends on purchase


How to calculate CP Value

Whenever we earn a substantial amount, we send all our earnings to our waves wallet and issue a buy order for Cryptowaves. You can then sell as many Cryptowaves as you want. You can also set a sell order at the price you like, so when that price is reached, your Cryptowaves are automatically sold.


How to order payouts

Whenever you have more than 1,000 CP, you will get an automatic payout to your waves wallet. You don’t need to do anything.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ section, or send us an e-mail. If you need to know more about using the Waves Wallet and the DEX platform, check out this video.


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