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Crypto market stays down, Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction fee down by 95% from ATH

TL;DR Breakdown

  • The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum has continued to fall.
  • The transaction fees for BTC and ETH have lowered by 93-95%.
  • The network traffic in the crypto market has lowered as the price falls from ATH.

Following the events of the last troubled months, Bitcoin and Ethereum have fallen harshly, having an adverse effect on the crypto market. This is the reason behind the reduction in the traffic for using these blockchains. There are multiple applications being built upon the Ethereum chain but the transaction fees for operating on its blockchain have also fallen. The is due to the reduction in traffic.

There is a huge percentage drop in the traffic which is around 93-95%. However, it is to be understood that this situation isn’t expected to be permanent.

For every transaction that is mined by a miner, a transaction fee is provided to the miner in order to compensate for his expenditure on resources. So after the depreciation in the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire crypto market, the mining fees have lowered by a huge fraction.

What to expect from the crypto market in this situation?

If we look at the historical analysis, it is seen that the entire crypto market saw a surge in mining fees of Bitcoin and Ethereum when the price of these coins was at their all-time high in the months of April and May. However, ever since the sharp decline in price and the formation of a bearish trend, it can be seen that the transaction rates have lowered by almost 93-95 percent.

Ethereum’s recent transaction fee has dropped down to a low of $3.44 which is the lowest point since the month of January 2021. This is indeed a strange time in the crypto market and people are wondering what to do in such a situation. The expectations of both the investors and the miners have continued to wane.

For now, the crypto market is showing no signs of recovery and various indicators show that the price of Bitcoin might go down to as low as $25,000. However, this does not mean that the crypto market will stay down. Recently, El Salvador has declared Bitcoin as legal tender and there are plenty of applications being built on Ethereum. It is not the end but a mere beginning for the crypto market.

Although the number of transactions has fallen from January to June, the future is looking bright. It is important to look at the practicalities as there are a lot of projects coming up in the crypto sphere.

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