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Turkey Jails 6 People as Police Widen Search for Missing Cryptocurrency Exchange CEO Accused of Exit Scam

Turkey has now jailed six suspects connected to the cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, which has been accused of an exit scam. Turkish authorities and Interpol have widened their search for the exchange’s CEO, who fled the country before shutting down his trading platform, preventing customers from withdrawing their funds. Search Widens for CEO of Crypto Exchange […]

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Bitcoin Ban

2 Turkish Crypto Exchanges Investigated for Fraud After Central Bank Bans Cryptocurrency Use for Payments

Two Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges are being investigated by the authorities in Turkey after they abruptly halted trading. The authorities have blocked access to the bank accounts of the second exchange and detained four people so far. Sixty-two people have been detained in connection with the first exchange whose CEO has fled the country. Second Turkish […]

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Turkish Crypto Exchange Exit Scam: CEO Flees Country, 62 People Detained, Users Cannot Access $2 Billion of Funds

A Turkish cryptocurrency exchange with about 400,000 users has been accused of pulling an exit scam. Its CEO has reportedly fled Turkey, allegedly taking $2 billion of customer funds with him. The police have an arrest warrant for the CEO and 62 people have already been detained in connection with the case. Crypto Exchange Accused […]

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Crypto Scam, Frozen Assets and Missing CEO Lead to Raids in Turkey

Reports indicate that a Turkish crypto exchange used the popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin as bait to lure investors into a fraudulent scheme. The Agence-France Presse (AFP) reports that the Istanbul-based cryptocurrency exchange Thodex ran a Dogecoin promotional campaign where it sold the meme cryptocurrency at a quarter of its market price. However, investors and traders were subsequently […]

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