Message of the Week (August 10)

Dear Cryptofamily, This has been a very exciting week, and things are going in a very good direction. There are so many great things to discuss this week, so, without further ado, let’s begin. First and foremost, as you all already know, we now have our very own Cryptocurrency called Cryptowave (CWV) which is built […]

Major Crypto-Update

Dear Cryptofamily, Over the past couple of days, you may have noticed a lot of positive turbulence and vibes surrounding Cryptoways. This is because the leadership team – which is made of myself and the country representatives – have been working hard in order to make Cryptoways even better. Thus, we have come up with […]

Message of the Week (August 3)

Dear Cryptofamily, This week has truly been exciting. As you have probably noticed, there have been updates and changes almost every day. I’m going to try to condense all of them here. First of all, we have lowered the cashout threshold for this month only to 0.001 BTC; however, only one use wished to withdraw, […]

Message of the Week (July 27)

Dear Cryptofamily, I would like to start off this message by thanking each and every one of you who rejoined Cryptoways and reclaimed their CP. Over 200 members rejoined us in less than one week, and most of them are really enjoying the new Cryptoways social experience. This week, there are a few things that […]

Major Change in Cryptoways

Dear Cryptofamily, After what has been going on over the past few weeks, I am pleased to inform you that we are – in a way – back on track. However, because we don’t have a developer on hand anymore, we had to rely on available wordpress plugins. Overall, with the new development, I am […]

Message of the Week (July 13)

Dear Cryptofamily, Either this week’s message is a bit early or last week’s message is too late…you decide. I will start with some good news. We have currently over 1,200 members with us and our system is at around 21% capacity, which is amazing. Also, we have launched the crypto think tank where you can […]

CP Loss Activated

Dear Cryptofamily, In order to enhance our system, maximize earnings and remove passive members, we have finally enabled automated point loss for members who don’t log in for over 24 hours. As soon as you reach the 24 hour threshold, you will receive an e-mail warning you that point loss has been triggered, and you […]

Message of the Week (June 30)

Dear Cryptofamily, This week, we have seen a lot of important actions and activities on Cryptoways, and it’s all because of you! First, our Alexa rank is rising higher and higher every day, and we are seeing better traffic on our pages. Despite the trouble most advertising companies are going through nowadays with declining earnings, […]

Message of the Week (June 23)

Dear Cryptofamily, As you can all now see on our main page, we are growing steadily and have crossed 11% capacity with almost 600 members. Considering that we haven’t started payouts yet, and this is our first online bitcoin business, this is simply amazing. We are humbled by the trust, love and support that you […]

Earn 10 CP in less than 10 seconds

As you know, we are always improving and developing our website with more features and functionality. On the other hand, we are always working on marketing our program using different strategies. This time, we need your help, and we will pay you for it! If you want to earn 10 CryptoPoints for free, all you […]