Airdrop Tracking Sheet

Program Name: Airdrop Tracking Sheet Type of Program: Other Miniumum Investment: 0 Minimum Withdrawal: – Accepted Currencies: – Operational Since: March 12, 2018 Description: ?Are you guys faceing any of this problem ?? ? 1) Do u guy’s know how many airdrop you have subscribed? ? 2) Is there anyway to track and keep updated […]

How to be on the Cryptowave Toplist for the Airdrop

With our first airdrop in 2 days, activity on the Waves dex is becoming more and more interesting because everyone wants to be on the Cryptowave Toplist to get the Airdrop on Sunday! But how can you make sure you are on the toplist? Step 1: Go to  Step 2: Click CTRL+F and search for […]

Softcap Reached… Let’s Celebrate with an Airdrop!

Dear Cryptofamily, CONGRATULATIONS! We have reached soft cap through our partnership with Wavesing Node! This means that extremely great things are going to happen to our beloved Cryptowave… and some of them started already if you just take a look at dex today. But that’s not all! This Sunday (March 4), we will be doing […]

Cryptoways… Now Powered by Wavesing!

Dear Cryptofamily, Today is an amazing day for the Cryptofamily. We have just signed an agreement with Wavesing Node who decided to help us breeze through our own ICO by giving us even more than what we were conducting our ICO for. Therefore, throughout the next few days, you will be seeing many changes happening […]

Hold Cryptowave to Earn Cryptowave

Cryptowave is one of the few Waves assets which are POS4ALL enabled and also have value. When a token is POS4ALL enabled, it means that you are able to earn interest just by holding it in your waves wallet. Currently, the interest rate is 0.001% per day, so if you have 1,000 CWV, you will […]

We’re Hiring! [UPDATE 18-2-2018]

  Update: We have so far hired 1 community manager and one media manager. We still need 1 community manager, and 1 bounty manager, in addition to country representatives. Moreover, more positions opened up and they are: 2 Advisers: They need to have experience with running ICOs and the ability to get us in touch […]

Shapeshift Tutorial

Dear Cryptofamily, Great news, I just received an e-mail from the Shapeshift team confirming that we are now affiliates and that we will earn from every transaction that happens through our Shapeshift gateway. This is great news, and it will make it a lot easier for you to get some WAVES. To make it even […]

Sharing the CryptoLove!

Post on social media and earn CP! Valentine’s day is almost here! In addition to the special bonuses announced previously, here’s something to spice up your love life (love for Cryptoways, that is ;)) 1- Create a post about Cryptoways on any social media you like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…) or on any forums […]

Shapeshift is now on Cryptoways!

Dear Cryptofamily, Thanks to our great partners at Approteam, we have finally integrated Shapeshift into Cryptoways! Now, you can just head over to it here and exchange a huge number of currencies including WAVES. As some of you already know, Shapeshift is one of the most robust and fastest cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there, so […]