Start date: February 1, 2018

End date: March 31, 2018

What is the WAXEX Token ?

WAXEX is the official token of the Waves African Exchange. It is a digital token on the Waves Platform Blockchain.

Issuer: 3PE7zbwp6B3H6AFg4XteMtoJWwakfh6BNAW

Identifier: 8LLpj6yQLUu37KUt3rVo1S69j2gWMbgbM6qqgt2ac1Vb


Details: Waves African Exchange Pty Ltd Africa’s Digital Gateway https://waxex.africa/

Total tokens: 100000000.000000

Reissuable: No

Issue date: 08.01.2018 02:18

What can do with WAXEX tokens?

WAXEX tokens can be freely traded on the Waves Platform Blockchain decentralized exchange. WAXEX tokens will also be used to vote for new fiat gateways and features on the Waves African Exchange platform.

WAXEX tokens will be used as voucher tokens that can be redeemed for goods and services with participating affiliate partners or service providers.

Where can I get WAXEX?

During the ICO WAXEX tokens can be purchased directly on the WAXEX website with South African Rands. After the ICO period has been concluded the WAXEX will be distributed to members who participated in the ICO sale. These tokens will then become freely tradeable on the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange.

How do I Vote for my fiat Gateway of choice?

WAXEX will implement a decentralized voting system for future projects including fiat gateways for other African national currencies. Voters will “spend” their WAXEX tokens by sending it to a voting node that records the result on the open blockchain.

ICO Information

The token sale will take place directly on the Waves DEX. Tokens will be released in phases as each phase is completed. Most of the presale revenue will be used for market making with the Liquid Token service provided by Waves Platform, as well as marketing the main ICO to promote awareness and to ensure the success of the project

Private sale for Whitelisted Customers additional 5%

Start Date: 1 – 28 February

377,376.19 WAXEX tokens

available at 0.031667 WAVES each

Estimated total value $612689

ICO Phase A

Start Date: 1 March 2018 until sold out

1,521,454.55 WAXEX tokens

available at 0.033333 WAVES each

Estimated total value $612689

ICO Phase B

Start Date: on completion of Phase A until sold out

1,217,163.64 WAXEX tokens

available at 0.041667 WAVES each

Estimated total value $612689

ICO Phase C

Start Date: on completion of Phase B until sold out

1,014,303.03 WAXEX tokens

available at 0.050000 WAVES each

Estimated total value $612689

ICO Phase D Opening Market Price

Start Date: on completion of Phase C until sold out

869,402.60 WAXEX tokens

available at 0.058333 WAVES each

Estimated total value $612689


Circulating supply after ICO Phase

5,000,000.00 WAXEX

The remainder of the tokens will be held back for a min of 1 year since the start date of the main ICO sale. The rest of the tokens will be released over time, to ensure mark stability and liquidity. These tokens will be locked up with smart contracts and multi-signature wallets, once this feature becomes available on the Waves Platform.

Check the whitepaper