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What is so special about Telegram ICO?

What is so special about Telegram ICO? By the time the Telegram initial coin offering presale rolled around, hundreds of ICOs had been held to varied degrees of success. It also comes at a time when there are increased calls for ICO regulations by authorities around the world. The ICO landscape is, therefore, supposed to […]

Cryptoways for Dummies

With Cryptoways becoming more and more popular and Cryptowave becoming ever more valuable, we are still getting a lot of people asking us about what Cryptoways is and how it works. Despite the fact that we have a comprehensive FAQ section, we decided to put together this definitive guide for Cryptoways, hoping that it will […]

5 Tips to Protect Your Bitcoin Portfolio

Bitcoin reached the skies in the past year, with its value soaring nearly 1500% over the last 12 months. Bitcoin, which was a novel currency not so long ago, is one of the most precious value-storage devices in the world in 2018. Increased value means greater interest and, often, greater risk. Bitcoin, at times, has […]

RewardMob: The Next Big ICO on the WAVES Platform

One of the hottest mobile gaming platforms is about to launch and RewardMob is giving away 100 FREE RMOB tokens for joining their telegram group: RewardMob is a tournament based reward platform. They have integrated the waves blockchain into their app so you can earn RMOB Tokens, Cash and Prizes for playing mobile games. […]

Cancer Vs. Knowledge: How one person’s wisdom defeated cancer

charif kaiss i am a living legend

(republished from ) Cancer Vs. Knowledge: How one person’s wisdom defeated cancer Perhaps one of the most dreaded diseases to ever affect anyone nowadays is cancer. It doesn’t only aim to destroy a person physically, but also emotionally, morally and even sometimes socially. However, what if this dreaded disease is simply misunderstood? What if, instead of […]

Write for Cryptoways

If you have ideas for articles about cryptocurrency or any other interesting topics that you would like to write and publish, we are looking for contributing authors. By writing for us, you will not only be getting your name our there in the Crypto-world, but you will also be getting the following benefits: 100 Cryptowave […]