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Hold Cryptowave to Earn Cryptowave

Cryptowave is one of the few Waves assets which are POS4ALL enabled and also have value. When a token is POS4ALL enabled, it means that you are able to earn interest just by holding it in your waves wallet. Currently, the interest rate is 0.001% per day, so if you have 1,000 CWV, you will […]

We’re Hiring! [UPDATE 18-2-2018]

  Update: We have so far hired 1 community manager and one media manager. We still need 1 community manager, and 1 bounty manager, in addition to country representatives. Moreover, more positions opened up and they are: 2 Advisers: They need to have experience with running ICOs and the ability to get us in touch […]

Shapeshift Tutorial

Dear Cryptofamily, Great news, I just received an e-mail from the Shapeshift team confirming that we are now affiliates and that we will earn from every transaction that happens through our Shapeshift gateway. This is great news, and it will make it a lot easier for you to get some WAVES. To make it even […]

Sharing the CryptoLove!

Post on social media and earn CP! Valentine’s day is almost here! In addition to the special bonuses announced previously, here’s something to spice up your love life (love for Cryptoways, that is ;)) 1- Create a post about Cryptoways on any social media you like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…) or on any forums […]

Shapeshift is now on Cryptoways!

Dear Cryptofamily, Thanks to our great partners at Approteam, we have finally integrated Shapeshift into Cryptoways! Now, you can just head over to it here and exchange a huge number of currencies including WAVES. As some of you already know, Shapeshift is one of the most robust and fastest cryptocurrency exchange platforms out there, so […]

Cryptoways for Dummies

With Cryptoways becoming more and more popular and Cryptowave becoming ever more valuable, we are still getting a lot of people asking us about what Cryptoways is and how it works. Despite the fact that we have a comprehensive FAQ section, we decided to put together this definitive guide for Cryptoways, hoping that it will […]

Announcing Partnership between Cryptoways and Turtlenode

Dear Cryptofamily, As some of you already deduced from adding the turtlenode faucet to our rotator and adding their logo among our partners, we have reached a very beneficial partnership agreement with Turtlenode. This agreement will benefit the Cryptoways community greatly… but I will not tell you how just yet 😉 All I recommend now […]

Earn Cryptowave for holding Cryptowave

Dear Cryptofamily, I have some awesome news for you! In a few days, POS4ALL will be enabled for Cryptowave. What does this mean? This means that if you hold over 1,000 CWV in your WAVES wallet, you will start earning daily interest of 0.001% per day in CWV. So, if you have 1,000 CWV in […]

JSE/CWV Exchange now open

jse coin logo

Dear Cryptofamily, As you know from a previous post here, we have been in partnership with JSEcoin for around a month now and have been running some mining in the background for them. After that time, and in addition to the referral commission we got when some of you signed up, we have been able […]