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Top 10 Funniest Cryptomemes!

Everybody loves memes! Check out our top 10 favorite Cryptomemes (Cryptocurrency Memes) and don’t forget to share yours in the Cryptomeme Group. #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1   Hope you liked them! Don’t forget to share yours here!

Bitcoin: The Messiah of Currency

Bitcoin: The Messiah of Currencies By Lawrence Recently you might’ve heard about “inflation”, but what on earth is “deflation”? This article will explain that and explore why Bitcoin might be a better monetary unit than the ones existing today. Inflation First, let’s dive into inflation. Inflation happens when a currency is devalued, or depreciated. This […]

Write for Cryptoways

If you have ideas for articles about cryptocurrency or any other interesting topics that you would like to write and publish, we are looking for contributing authors. By writing for us, you will not only be getting your name our there in the Crypto-world, but you will also be getting the following benefits: 100 Cryptowave […]

Why WAVES are Rocking the Boat

The Waves Platform By Lawrence Waves is a decentralized, open blockchain platform which is easy to use and can be adopted by anyone. Created and founded by Sasha Ivanov in the Summer of 2016, Waves presents the public with many possibilities. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or crowdfunding, raised more than 29,000 BTC compared with […]

DAS: A Scam Robbing you Blind!

scam alert online

  And this is where the fundamental difference between a Ponzi scheme and a DAS happens. They don’t suddenly disappear. Instead, they suddenly claim that something bad happened; it could be a problem with some funds arriving or some other issue preventing them from paying you your money. Because they had paid before, you remain […]