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Changes to POS4ALL

Dear Cryptofamily, It has been a rough weeks with its shares of ups and downs. As some of you can already see, Oceanlab has still been unable to create a reliable POS4ALL system that distributes interest consistently. Therefore, we have decided to take this matter into our own hands and become in charge of interest […]

Welcome Tippa!

Hey everyone, Something interesting is happening on the Cryptoways Official Telegram group. We have just introduced a new member to our growing Cryptofamily, and its name is Tippa! Tippa is our very own tipping bot… which charges NO TRANSACTION FEES! You can tip as much as you want without having to pay any fees. The […]

Cryptowave Gateway on the Turtle Network petition

As some of you already know, we now have an active node on the Turtle Network. However, the network is not very active yet although it shows a lot of promise. To help them (and ourselves), we asked for a gateway for Cryptowave on the Turtle Network so that we can easily move our Cryptowave […]

Cryptoways Node on the Turtle Network

As part of our increasing success and expansion efforts for Cryptoways, we have just finished establishing our Cryptoways Node on the Turtle Network. The Turtle Network works on a waves asset called Turtlenode (TN), and you will need some of that to be able to join the Turtle Network and lease to Cryptoways. It’s a […]


Program Name: Motormoney Type of Program: Investment Program Miniumum Investment: 0 Minimum Withdrawal: 1 Rub Accepted Currencies: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash Operational Since: 8 June, 2017 Description: MOTORMONEY is a fun game simulator with the ability to earn and withdraw real money! All that is required of you is to register in our project, develop […]

Swift Demand

Program Name: Swift Demand Type of Program: Faucet/Fiverr-like program Miniumum Investment: 0 Minimum Withdrawal: N/A Accepted Currencies: Other Operational Since: October, 2017 Description: Swift Demand is a fiverr-like website where you can list your services and earn Swift for them. Then, you can use your Swift coins to buy other services. Moreover, you earn 100 […]

Beercoin Giveaway

Finally! Here’s your chance to win big with Beer Coin and Cryptoways! Check out the details below! BeerCoin Giveaway Would you like to run a giveaway with Cryptoways? Contact us!

New Regulations and Updates

Dear Cryptofamily, Sorry for the long absence. It has been quite a busy time for me and for the team as Cryptoways grows. Many issues were brought to our attention and we have just created new regulations to make sure everyone moves forward profitably. 1- All members are asked to keep an eye on spam […]

What is so special about Telegram ICO?

What is so special about Telegram ICO? By the time the Telegram initial coin offering presale rolled around, hundreds of ICOs had been held to varied degrees of success. It also comes at a time when there are increased calls for ICO regulations by authorities around the world. The ICO landscape is, therefore, supposed to […]