Bitcoin and Bitconnect

Bitcoin and Bitconnect

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This is a comprehensive article on investing in Bitcoin and Bitconnect. Please use it as a thorough guide.


What is Bitcoin?

Learn how the leading global cryptocurrency began. For more information check

How Does it work? (Technical Explanation)

What is Bitconnect?

Bitconnect is a crypto or digital currency like Bitcoin using blockchain technology (you can find a more updated copy here.) Blockchain technology is changing the world as we know, just like the internet did. Companies like Goldman Sachs, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Walmart and other giant multinational corporations are working with it.

Bitconnect performance in one of the top digital currencies on the web.  According to cryptocurrency index,, Bitconnect is today number 22 in the world with a market cap of $677,351,822 with 7.48% growth rate (numbers from November 29, 2017).

Bitconnect on Coin Market Cap
Bitconnect on Coin Market Cap

How Do We Make Daily Profit from Bitconnect?

The power of Bitconnect comes from its Volatility Trading Bot. Bots are programs that are able to perform tasks automatically. These Bitconnect bots do is track the volatility or fluctuation in Bitcoin prices, and perform buy/sell transactions to gain profit.

In simpler terms, whenever the price of Bitcoin drops, the bot buys Bitcoin, and whenever it rises, the bot sells the Bitcoin for profit. The bots perform these operations 24/7 and 365 days a year using the money invested by people like me and you. They keep 80% of the trade profit and distribute the 20% for investors who lent their money to the platform on a daily basis. the profits are not standard-rate but the average is around 1-2% daily (30-60% per month). Traditional banks will give you 3% per month.

Bitconnect Daily Interest
Screenshot of daily interest payouts from my account


Unlike traditional banks, Bitconnect pays your profit on a daily basis, and you have two options with your profits; withdraw them or reinvest to get more profits.

In this article, I provide step-by-step instructions on investing in Bitconnect and introduce you to my private group. You can click on the below menu to jump directly to the paragraph of your choice. If you are a beginner, I suggest you read everything.

1A) Sign Up for a Free Bitconnect Account

1B) Secure your Account (Recommended)

2A) (Arab countries) Sign Up with LocalBitcoins and Join our Facebook Group

2B) (Allowed Countries) Sign up with Coinbase to buy Bitcoin For Bitconnect

3) Send your Bitcoins to BitConnect

4) Exchange Bitcoins to BitConnect coin and Start Lending

5) OPTIONAL: How to gain more money through the referral program.

Set Up Your Account

1A) Sign Up for a Free Bitconnect Account

To start, open to sign up for a free account. This will allow you to tour the platform and check the features.

To be fully transparent, I get a 5% referral fee from Bitconnect for introducing you to the platform (you don’t pay anything extra, but you get to join my exclusive Facebook group (more about the group in point 2A).

Make sure you type mohdmortada in the Sponsor box if you want access to our exclusive Facebook group.

Join Bitconnect Now Button

so once you click the link, you’ll be brought to Bitconnect to enter all information.

Bitconnect Registration Form

Use a strong password, check the “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA button, and sign up. Bitconnect will send you a verification email, so open your email, and click on Activation Link.

Congratulations, your account is now activated.


1B) Secure your Account (Highly recommended)

It’s very important to take a couple of minutes to make sure your account is secure enough.

  1. Once you’re inside Bitconnect, click “Security” on the left side to activate two-factor authentication. Read and follow the instructions very carefully.
  2. The third level to make sure your account has HIGH-security level is getting a code card. Learn how to do it HERE.


Buying Your First Bitcoin

Before we get into buying Bitcoin, check if your country is supported to buy and sell Bitcoin directly online. If your country is supported, move to point 2B.

Arab countries still do not support buying Bitcoin via online exchange websites.

2A) (Arab countries) Sign Up with LocalBitcoins and Join our Facebook Group

Localbitcoins is a great website to buy your Bitcoins locally if you are not able to buy Bitcoin online, but you have to be careful from possible scammers.

That’s why I created our Exclusive Facebook Group. A place where you can benefit from the below:

  • Ask questions in English and Arabic
  • Work with TRUSTED traders
  • Discuss investment strategies
  • Collaborate with a supportive community.

We recommend you ask the trusted traders in our Facebook group first; check the list of trusted traders.

  • To create your Localbitcoins, click HERE.
  • Learn how to buy and sell on LocalBitcoins HERE.

Once you are done, it’s time to transfer Bitcoins to BitConnect.


2B) (Allowed Countries) Sign up with Coinbase to buy Bitcoin For Bitconnect

There are many online exchanges where supported countries can directly buy Bitcoin. For this article, I will show you how to use Coinbase, one of the best online exchanges.

Let’s start by creating your Coinbase account.

1. enter your email address and click get started.


2. enter all your information and choose a very secure password.

once you’ve filled in all your information, check out the user, agreement policy. Click Create Account.

3. now you’re going to have an email sent to your email address, to verify your account


4. Enter your phone number


5.Type your phone number to get a text message and enter the code.


6. Now you are on the funding page. It’s time to add your source of funds to buy Bitcoin for Bitconnect, the credit or debit card goes; you get the benefit of buying instantly.

You can raise your limits on both of higher limits and lower limits.


7. As an example, I’m going to click on 4-5 DAYS HIGHER LIMITS to give you an idea what to expect. Now choose your bank account.


8. Log in to your bank account (the same login that you would use if you’re using online banking).


9. Enter your debit/credit card information


You are now ready to transfer your Bitcoin to Bitconnect. Start with part 3.

3) Send your Bitcoins to BitConnect

Log in to your Bitconnect Dashboard and go down to the BITCOIN WALLET (BTC).

  1. Click the green tab that says Deposit Bitcoin (BTC), and copy the address. This is the address that will allow you to receive Bitcoins (BTC) into your Bitconnect account.


  • Coinbase: If you bought your Bitcoins through Coinbase, go to the Coinbase Accounts tab and click the send button, and paste the address you got in Bitconnect and the amount you want to send.
  • Trusted trader: If you bought your Bitcoins through a trusted trader, you can immediately receive your Bitcoin into Bitconnect through that address.
  • LocalBitcoins: If you bought them through LocalBitcoins, click your balance in the top-right corner, then paste your Bitconnect address and amount to send.

Note that it sometimes takes few minutes for the transaction to be completed.

The transaction will appear on INCOMING BITCOIN TRANSACTIONS tab on your bitconnect dashboard.


Once the Bitcoin arrives in your Bitcoin Wallet, you are ready to Exchange them to Bitconnect coin. That’s step 4.

4) Exchange Bitcoins to BitConnect coin and Start Lending

The first step is buying Bitconnect coin with the Bitcoin you received in the top-right corner.


Go to the BCC exchange page


Scroll down and go to selling orders and find the BUY BCC tab

  • Click ALL: this will allow you to transfer all the bitcoin you bought
  • You will see how much Bitconnect coin you get in the BCC box (first box in the tab)
  • If you want an immediate exchange, click Last and select Ask.

Once the transaction is done, you will see your Bitconnect coin in the Bitconnect Wallet (top-right corner).


Make your first lending transaction

Go back to the dashboard and click on Lend Bitconnect.


Enter in the amount that you’re looking to loan.

Note in the below photo that you receive your capital faster whenever the amount you invest falls within a certain range.



Bitconnect interest rates

Read the terms, and click on Pay From Bitconnect Wallet and Confirm.

That’s it! You can log in every day at the same time as your lending transaction to check your daily profits (added to your lending wallet at the top).

How to reinvest from the lending wallet in Bitconnect

If you are determined to maximize your earnings, you have the option to easily reinvest your profits.

On the dashboard click Reinvest


it will allow you to add your profits to the lending platform


Click Reinvest and Confirm.

OPTIONAL: Gain more money through the referral program.

Once you have made your first lending transaction, you are qualified for a bonus program called the affiliate program.

As a means to spread the word, help grows their community, and offer you a great way to earn free Bitcoins, Bitconnect are now offering a lucrative bonus program which enables you to earn bitcoin for every new user who signs up and lends BitconnectCoin(BCC) to their lending platform using your affiliate link.

BitConnect’s referral program is designed to provide 3 Levels of earning potential to you based on the number of lenders. You will earn a commission every time your referral lends BitconnectCoin(BCC) on our platform. The commission you earn is based on the tier you have achieved in the referral program as shown below:

Bitconnect Affiliate bonus

Acceptable promotion guidelines for affiliate links

  • Place your affiliate link on your blog, or website
  • Use one of our provided banners on your blog or website
  • Mention Bitconnect in your newsletter, using your affiliate link there
  • Share your affiliate link on popular social media platforms
  • Invite your friends and family by email


Terms of the bitcoin affiliate program

  • You must be an active lender on BitConnect to earn bitcoins from lenders you refer through your affiliate link
  • Your commission is paid instantly to your BitConnect wallet for each completed lend offer from your referrals
  • Commissions will be paid as long as your referral is active within Bitconnect community
  • Though unlikely, Bitconnect reserves the right to disable the affiliate program and/or any given affiliate user anytime
  • Though unlikely, Bitconnect reserves the right to adjust the commission rate as necessary to ensure the continued operations of the Bitconnect service

Learn more about Bitconnect on Bitconnect Learning.


Join Bitconnect Now Button

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