Major Updates Coming to Cryptoways

Dear Cryptofamily, There has been a lot of discussion among the Cryptoways Advisory team regarding the future direction of Cryptoways. This is why a few major changes will start appearing in the next few days. What to expect? First thing to expect is that we will be removing a lot of activities which we had […]

How to stake the New Cryptowave Coin!

Cryptowave (CWV) is not only a token on the WAVES platform, it has now also become its own hybrid POW/POS Cryptocurrency. This means that you can  stake your CWV! To get things rolling, follow this tutorial: Download the Cryptowave Client and open it. Now you have your wallet! You can now contact us to transfer […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of ICOs

Initial coin offerings, often known as ICOs for short, are starting to attract a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency world. Whether people like them or hate them, they have certainly managed to revolutionize funding techniques in the modern world. The idea is that new project sells its crypto tokens in exchange for Bitcoin or […]

Blockchain in the Electricity Industry

Although many people see the blockchain industry as one that is purely financial, it has actually recently started to expand out to reach other industries. Blockchain has the power to disrupt multiple industries in the coming years, with more uses being found for it all the time. The energy sector is just one of these […]

Cryptoways – Bitocrypto Waves Node

Dear Cryptofamily, In partnership with the Bitocrypto team, Cryptoways has finally closed its Turtle Network node (details and reasons here) and opened another node on the original Waves Network. You can now lease to it using the following address: 3PQ5tzJ5aioojhXgEgRxUhZX42d7aYxWANG In case you are new to this, check out this video: The main mission of the […]

WavesWorld Faucet

Program Name: Waves World Type of Program: Faucet Miniumum Investment: 0 Minimum Withdrawal: – Accepted Currencies: – Operational Since: June, 2017 Description: Get 10 Free WavesWorld tokens every 24 hours Claim now! Submitted by Note: These programs are user submitted, so Cryptoways is in no way affiliated with them and cannot be held responsible […]

Cryptoways Node on TN Closing soon

Dear Cryptofamily, Upon the advice of the Cryptoways Advisory, we have decided to close our node on the Turtle Network and open another on the main Waves network. The reasons for this are many, and I will endeavour to explain the major reason for the decision here. Our main decision to open a node on […]

Changes to POS4ALL

Dear Cryptofamily, It has been a rough weeks with its shares of ups and downs. As some of you can already see, Oceanlab has still been unable to create a reliable POS4ALL system that distributes interest consistently. Therefore, we have decided to take this matter into our own hands and become in charge of interest […]

Welcome Tippa!

Hey everyone, Something interesting is happening on the Cryptoways Official Telegram group. We have just introduced a new member to our growing Cryptofamily, and its name is Tippa! Tippa is our very own tipping bot… which charges NO TRANSACTION FEES! You can tip as much as you want without having to pay any fees. The […]

Cryptowave Gateway on the Turtle Network petition

As some of you already know, we now have an active node on the Turtle Network. However, the network is not very active yet although it shows a lot of promise. To help them (and ourselves), we asked for a gateway for Cryptowave on the Turtle Network so that we can easily move our Cryptowave […]