Dear #cryptofamily,
First of all, @ebourgess and I would like to thank you all for all the support and patience that you are showing us every day. As you know, we are building something unique and wonderful from which everyone can benefit without spending a satoshi! Of course, something like this needs time, patience and dedication, which you have all been so amazing at showing! So, thank you all!
Second, with your help and energy, we have grown beyond expectation in such a short time. Our CPMatrix is almost 2 weeks old, yet we have over 360 members on board, and our CP distribution is at around 7% capacity. Moreover, our earnings from ads are also growing, although, expectedly, not as quickly as our member numbers, and this is why CP value is still decreasing. As discussed in previous posts, it will continue to decrease until we reach 60-70% capacity with around 3,000 members. And I am sure, with your continuous help and support, we can get there and beyond in no time. This is why, for this week, I would like to ask each one of you to make an effort to bring in at least 1 new member per day. That’s not much. Many members such as @lanuyanger and @bedjo16 are bringing tens of members per week… and each one of you can do that.
Imagine with me that half of the members we have bring in one new member per day each. That’s over 100 members per day, which means 700 members per week. And if these new referrals are encouraged to do the same, we could even reach full capacity by the end of the month.
And I am sure you can do that! Share this message with all your referrals to inspire them to work just a bit harder, especially those who still haven’t recruited anyone yet.
In the end, I repeat what I mentioned in previous message: our true work hasn’t yet started; the Cryptofamily is headed for greatness and is taking every one of you along!
Thank you all!

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