Dear Cryptofamily,

As you can all now see on our main page, we are growing steadily and have crossed 11% capacity with almost 600 members. Considering that we haven’t started payouts yet, and this is our first online bitcoin business, this is simply amazing. We are humbled by the trust, love and support that you are showing us. Together, the Cryptofamily will grow beyond imagination, bit by bit. As the song in “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” says: “If you want your dream to be, take your time; go slowly. Do few things, but do them well; heartfelt work grows purely.”And this is what’s happening, Elias and I are working on Cryptoways slowly but surely. This week, we’ve had a few interesting new features released.

First, as you probably noticed when you logged in today, the trading system is now active. Although we do not recommend it, you are free to trade with or sell your CP to other users externally. All transfers will be verified manually within 24 hours. However, we are not responsible for payments send between users. If you want an escrow service to take care of it, contact us on, and we will send you our offer.

Second, the bug preventing you from changing your user credentials has now been fixed, and you are now able to modify them.

Third, live support is now available on Cryptoways. If you need anything, just click the little bubble at the bottom left side of the main page and send us a message. We try to respond as fast as possible.

Fourth, our instagram account is active and doing very well. We encourage you all to follow us @cryptoways on it and on our other social media channels (facebook, twitter, google+ and youtube).

Finally, we have just launched a new CP giveaway from which you can all benefit. All you need to do is record a 3-5 second video of yourself and send it to us. Check out the details here.

In conclusion, I thank you all again and again for your support, and I encourage you to spread Cryptoways as far and wide as possible. Remember that, if you don’t refer that friend, someone else will. We are aware that some of you are waiting to get paid before they start inviting; however, by the time we reach around 80% capacity and start paying, there will be very little chance to invite more people, and you will have missed your opportunity to build your Cryptofamily. So, stick with us, invite your friends now, and enjoy the ride!




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