Dear Cryptofamily,
Thank you so much for all the love and support you are showing us everyday! With your help and dedication, we are one step closer to our ultimate goal every day. Today, we have crossed the threshold of 500 member and 10% capacity. The road may look long, but it is getting closer faster every day.

Many interesting things happened this week on Cryptoways. First of all, our talented developer, Elias Bourgess was quickly able to overcome a hurdle that affected us last weekend preventing many new members from registering. As soon as this problem was overcome, new members started registering again.

The second major thing that happened this week was the webinar I held. In it, I covered almost everything relating to how Cryptoways and the CPMatrix work. I hope that you found it useful. In case you missed it, check it out below

I encourage you to share it with new recruits, for it will make it easier for them to understand how we work.

The third major update this week was the announcement of the peer-to-peer trading of CP during the webinar. If all goes as planned, it will be available during this coming week. In short, you will be able to sell or give away your CP to another member of the Cryptofamily. We are launching this feature even though we believe it is counterproductive for you to be doing anything but hoarding your CP for now; its value will start rising greatly once we cross 80% capacity. However, it is your absolute right to have control over your shares and do with them as you please. Of course, some conditions will apply, and they will be detailed once the feature is launched.

In conclusion, the Cryptofamily is growing quickly, and the positive energy you are giving us will help us grow even faster.

Have a great week!


PS: the logo competition is still ongoing. You can check its details here. 

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