Dear Cryptofamily,
Either this week’s message is a bit early or last week’s message is too late…you decide.
I will start with some good news. We have currently over 1,200 members with us and our system is at around 21% capacity, which is amazing. Also, we have launched the crypto think tank where you can suggest ideas. If you can get 100 votes for your idea, we will make it come true.
Now on to the less pleasant news…
Over the past couple of weeks, things got very hectic. First of all, someone tried to cheat our system by creating around 1,000 fake accounts. Though we were able to isolate and remove them, we also had to remove any real accounts that were created under him. Regardless, most people who’s real accounts were deleted were able to create new ones and get back into the system. Moreover, the points that this person’s upliners received were not – and will not be – taken from those who got them. So, you can relax now 🙂
Second, we started experiencing problems and delays with our previous hosting company, which forced us to move our website to another one. The migration is still happening and, hopefully, when it’s fully completed, you will experience a much faster and smoother website. So, thank you again for your patience.
…yes, there’s more…
The website developer, Elias Bourgess, whom we all know, love and respect, will soon no longer be with us. Fortunately for him (not so much for us), he was recently offered a good job opportunity (congrats!). It is going to be rather taxing for him, so he won’t be able to be taking care of the website any more. He will finish a few tasks he already started, and then we are on our own. Thanks to what he has already done, the website can still run well, but most future plans of adding more features will have to be postponed. Moreover, I would like to point out that Elias was doing this work for free. Sure, he owned a certain number of shares in the company, but these shares haven’t paid out anything yet.
So, now, we find ourselves at a crossroads with a few painful choices to make:
1- We accept things as they are and just take it as it is. This means that payouts will remain manual (once the threshold is reached), and no more updates…
2- We find a new web developer who is willing to work for Elias’ shares
3- We sell CP in order to fundraise to pay a developper to finalize our vision for the website. I think 0.001 BTC per 10 CP would be a good price. So we should be good to go if we can sell around 25,000 CP (around 5,000$).
So please, in the comments of this post, I would appreciate it if you would vote for the best course of action to be taken. If you vote 2, make sure you know a developer that you can recommend, and if you vote 3, tell us how many shares you would be willing to buy. By the end of July, I will count the votes and follow the best course of action.
Thanks again for being part of the Cryptofamily. We may stumble together, but we will surely rise again.
Have a great weekend,

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