Dear #Cryptofamily,

Our family is still growing, and our earnings as well. We are currently at over 8% capacity with around 450 registered members. Moreover, a few interesting features were released this week including the ability for you to see your referrals, a new website layout and the Official Country Representatives program. We encourage you to make as much use of these features as possible. In my message this week, I will discuss a bit how you can benefit from these features and from others to grow your Cryptofamily.

First of all, now that you can see the members enrolled under you, you can more easily contact them. Through this, you will be able to see who is actively referring new members and who is not. I encourage you to foster a positive atmosphere for all your referrals. You could send a positive message of congratulations to those who are actively referring new members so that they feel appreciated and engaged. As for those who aren’t referring, you can open a conversation with them and see why they haven’t been doing so. It may be that they don’t know how to approach other members. You could share your referring experience and strategies with them to help them do so. In all cases, remember that they are your team and your family. You benefit when they refer new members, and they benefit from those who spillover from you.

Second of all, with the new website layout, I think that most of you agree with me that it is much more professional and better looking than our previous design. We have also added a login button on the main page to make it easier for you to sign in from there. Also, now that our design is more appealing, don’t hesitate to share our website with everyone. If you meet people who are new to bitcoin, share with them the CryptoEd section here. Also, if you are part of another referral program, do make use of our website submission form here. It will help you a lot in including all the info about a certain program under an easy-to-remember link. You can benefit from this program for 2 weeks for free for each of your referral programs. By benefiting from these two things, you also help drive more traffic to our website, which will increase our earnings and the CP value.

Third of all, yesterday we launched the Official Country Representatives program. As soon as we launched it, we got two very enthusiastic individuals Hanafi Hamid and Lanuyanger Longkumer to represent their countries Indonesia and India respectively. It is our dream to have a person representing each country in the world. Country representatives will have a prominent place in Cryptoways for now and for the future. Not only will each be featured as part of our team on our website, but they will also be consulted and involved in any Cryptoways-related events (Cryptoevents) happening in their countries. We encourage each of you who has over 1,000 CP to apply for Country Representative through here.

Finally, even though our family is growing quickly, I am sure that with your continued support and dedication, it can grow much faster. Remember, the sooner we reach 100% capacity with all 1 Million CP in circulation, the sooner you can start cashing out your CP. Mathematically speaking, once there are no more CP to be distributed, the income of Cryptoways will not be diluted further into a growing number of CP; therefore, CP value can only rise after that.

In conclusion, as Elias and I have promised you early on, the best is yet to come. Those of you who have been with us since the beginning have seen this continuous improvement. All we ask is for your continuous support and patience. What we are doing here has so much potential, and I think you are starting to see that too.



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