Dear Cryptofamily,

This week has truly been exciting. As you have probably noticed, there have been updates and changes almost every day. I’m going to try to condense all of them here.

First of all, we have lowered the cashout threshold for this month only to 0.001 BTC; however, only one use wished to withdraw, and, of course, we processed the payout as promised. Moreover, payouts will remain open till August 5. You can ask for a cashout by clicking here, however; with the steadily increasing activity on our website, we have a good feeling that we will be seeing an increase in CP value this month, so keep visiting and being active on the website to earn more and more CP.

Second, some members complained that getting only the first few visits to the website paid is too limiting. Therefore, we have implemented the Cryptoshi payments. A Cryptoshi is equal to one hundredth of a CryptoPoint (100 Cryptoshi = 1 CP). Now, if you use your referral link to invite people to Cryptoways, you will earn 1 Cryptoshi per visit no matter how many visitors you refer and whether they register or not. Moreover, if you submit a website to create a referral page for it on cryptoways here, you will earn 1 Cryptoshi for every person you show this page to.

Third, we have just implemented push notifications for Cryptoways. I urge you all to allow them because they will remind you to log in in case you have forgotten. They will also let you know whenever we post a new message.

The last thing I want to remind you of today is the Country Representatives Program. Anyone can now apply to become the Cryptoways representative in their own country. By becoming one, you will get many interesting surprises and perks. One of them we are trying to work on now is getting interest on your current CP balance. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to apply to join the Country Representatives group here, and I will get in touch with you.

To conclude, things are getting more and more exciting now, but we cannot do it without you. As you have seen this week, we are truly paying and honest with you, so we hope that you will support us by inviting all your friends to join and benefit from our program.



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