Dear Cryptofamily,

This has been a very exciting week, and things are going in a very good direction. There are so many great things to discuss this week, so, without further ado, let’s begin.

First and foremost, as you all already know, we now have our very own Cryptocurrency called Cryptowave (CWV) which is built on the Waves Platform. Moreover, just this morning it was officially verified by the Waves community, which means that they have given our community their trust. This bodes very well for us because our Cryptowave can slowly start having a life of its own on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Therefore, grab your tokens now while you still can. Remember that there is a special discount for Cryptoways members. You can order your CWV by filling the form here. As I write this message, the price of CWV rose from 35 Satoshi to 41 Satoshi, and it looks like this will not be the end. If you are still unfamiliar with the Waves Platform, I created a short video to help you out.

The second thing that many people are still asking about is the CP loss. As you noticed, you are all losing points at the rate of 1 CP per hour. On the other hand, your daily login bonus has been increased to 26 CP. This is to ensure that only the truly active members of the Cryptofamily get rewarded. If you log in once per day, you will earn 26 CP and, throughout the day, you will lose 24 CP. Therefore, your total gain for just logging in is 2 CP. In addition to that, by being active and interacting with people on the website, you earn more. Best of all, you also earn for inviting people to either view the website or just subscribe. So, if you are using any advertising revshares, don’t hesitate to advertise Cryptoways. We have a lot of banners ready for you to use here.

The third thing to discuss this week is the number of members. Before the update to Cryptoways, we had over 1,000 members; however, our earnings weren’t much. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t much either because people registered but diidn’t log in daily. Now, even though we have only around 320 members, our earnings are somewhat better than before. Imagine if each of you were to bring in only one new member per day; I am sure that our earnings – along with the price of CWV – will skyrocket. To encourage you to do that, the prize for recruiting new members will double until Monday morning. So, benefit from this offer, invite all your friends, and earn 40 CP for each referral. With the rising value of CWV, who knows how much that can make.

Finally, I would like to encourage you all again to make use of the Website Submission program that we have here. Not only is it free for 2 weeks, but also you can earn from each person who views your page.

In conclusion, all I will tell you is that this is only the beginning; together, we will take Cryptoways to the top and earn a lot from doing that.

Happy earning to all of you,


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