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    2. Apple’s blog post says that all Mac systems and IOS devices have been detected in the error. This problem is in all modern processors and has been caught in almost all computing devices and operating systems. Apple has updated patches for iPhone and iPad to match Meltdown errors. To update the patches on the Safari browser for the soon-to-be Specter.

    Microsoft and Google have acknowledged the issue of having this error in their products. Google has said that Android phones users who own more than 80 percent of the world’s market are safe to use update software. Microsoft released software patch for various services. Windows software has asked users to update anti-virus software before updating the operating system patch.

    Roaming around Intel
    Meanwhile, there has been a buzz, chip maker Intel already knew of the error in their chips. Intel Chief Executive Officer Brian Craignik said that he had sold 2,445,000 shares in October last year. At that time, Intel learned about Meltdown and Specter’s error.

    However, the matter has been denied by Intel. It has been said in a statement that “Brian’s shares are not related to the sale.”

    Meanwhile, there is more buzz, except that the patch is used to prevent meltdown and spectator errors, it will affect the performance of the device and slow the speed. Intel did not agree to this issue Intel officials say that updating patches will not slow down the computer speed. Performance can not be understood by the difference