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    1. The chipset of the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers has been found to be critical. In this week, computer chips have been found in two hardware bugs called Meltdown and Specter. The miscreants can capture information stored on computer by using this error due to the bug. Since the knowledge of this, the technology-makers have grown up to correct the error.

    Technology analysts say millions of PCs, smartphones and tablets around the world have two bugs or hardware errors in the mailtdown and speaker.

    Apple products are generally considered safe. However, Apple has acknowledged that the error has been found in the product. The software has opened the software patches to fix errors.

    It has been said from Apple that the error was found, but it did not prove that the miscreants used it. The company has advised not to download it from sources other than a trusted source to avoid harmful app downloads.

    Mac computer users feel that their devices are safer than traditional Android phones and Microsoft system computers. However, many modern computer processor makers like Meltadon and Spector errors were found in Microchip manufacturers like Intel and ARM.