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    ETN Mobile miner is active now peeps – check out the official website and visit the support page to find the official link to the google play store. You can use my referral code if you like by manually entering the code in the “Earn More ETN” tab. Code 48AFA4
    The mobile miner is different to say the Minergate one – ETN’s version does not require your phone to stay “always-on”. Instead if gives you a comparable credit based on the hashing power and time you keep the app open “online” mining (which can be done in sleep mode and/or when minimised) so you can still use your phone as normal 🙂 and it won’t drain your battery.
    Transfers to your account occur at 5 ETN mined.
    Check it out – but always remember to download official apps by double checking official website links. Don’t feed the scammer-trolls.

    • Leeke replied 1 month ago

      I’ve received 20 ETN from my mobile mining so far – so if you haven’t signed up yet – you are missing free crypto earning opportunities. Its not an actual miner – however it credits you for keeping the app running in your phone’s background (but uses no extra battery, doesn’t need your phone to stay “always-on” and doesn’t stop running. Meaning provided you don’t close out of the app, you don’t even notice it. 20 ETN works out to about 6889 satoshi right now. But who knows where its going to go. Come join and mine the easy way!! My ref code is above.