And this is where the fundamental difference between a Ponzi scheme and a DAS happens. They don’t suddenly disappear. Instead, they suddenly claim that something bad happened; it could be a problem with some funds arriving or some other issue preventing them from paying you your money. Because they had paid before, you remain skeptical. When it takes a bit long, you make a complaint on the group. That’s when the hate replies start. Other members in the group start telling you how you need to have faith in the group and how they are a “family” and all that. Most of the people spreading these lies are either paid by the scammers or have been gullible enough to believe the scheme. Afterwards, the “admin” of the investment come up with this huge idea which is designed to pay everyone’s money back and bring them more and more money in a very short time. Usually, it’s in the form of a matrix scheme, which is where they have been trying to get you from the start.

If you know what a matrix is, then you know how a lot of people can make money from it at the expense of people they recruit into the system. Eventually, many people get scammed, a few break even more or less, and only very few people make a lot of money. In a DAS, the admin usually place themselves at the top levels of the matrix and promise that they will pay back investors from the earnings of the admin. Since people have been dragged along so far by investing and reinvesting, they trust the admin enough to invest more and join the matrix. The admin set a date for the launch of the matrix, they organize people into groups and arrange who will enroll under whom and all the details. Then, the matrix is launched, people upgrade quickly, the admin earn a lot and then disappear…unless they have another DAS in store. But think about it, a matrix does not generate money in and off its own, it takes money from some and gives them to others. There is no way that a matrix can generate actual profit; it is not an investment, but a scam.

In conclusion, if you are a victim of DAS, pay attention to the signs mentioned above. You’d better cut your losses short before you end up losing more than you can afford.

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