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What happens when you cross the referral potential of a matrix with the income stream of an advertising revshare?

Something cool…maybe.

But what if all this is for FREE?

YES! Cryptomatrix is a free to join matrix and revshare at the same time. And in this case, the revenues are not coming from your own pockets, they are generated through ads placed on the website. Here’s how it goes:

1- With a referral link, you open an account for free and become a member. Only one account is allowed per IP per person.

2- As soon as your account is activated, you receive 100 Cryptopoints (CP). These CP are like shares in the revenues of Cryptoways. 70% of what Cryptoways generates through advertising and sales (for VIP accounts and boosters) is distributed equally among all the shares existing in the system. CP value is calculated every day. For example, if the revenue of Cryptoways is 100 BTC and there are 30,000 CP in the system, the value of each CP is 100/30,000=0.0033 btc.

3- 10 days after registration, any member can cash in his points for btc (min 0.005 btc and max 1,000 CP minus 5% transfer fees). Withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.

4- Every member has to log in at least once every 24 hours. Failure to do so will cause the member to lose 1 point per hour. If a member loses all his points, his account is suspended (this does not affect neither his upliners nor his downliners).

5-There are only 1 million CP in the system. When all CP are in circulation, no new members are allowed to register until one of the existing members either loses points or cashes in.

6- Each member can have up to 10 direct referrals. For each direct (level 1 referral), the referrer gets 50 points; for level 2, 25 points; for level 3, 10 points; and 1 points for all referrals beyond level 4.

7- If a member refers an 11th direct referral, this new member is automatically spilled over to that same member’s downline.

The Stages of the Launching of CRYPTOMATRIX:

stages of cpmatrix launch

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